The Power of Asia

The first customers for Pinnacle Engines’ technology are rapidly growing Asian markets where there is a strong demand for low cost, fuel-efficient light duty vehicles. We are focusing initial commercialization efforts there, while continuing to engage with transportation OEMs throughout the world. Various vehicles and products using our engine technology will be entering the marketplace from 2016 onwards. Our engines are designed for scooter, automotive and industrial use.
2 & 3 wheelers
Automotive & LCV

Bridging to a ‘Fossil Free’ Transportation world

Leading transportation experts agree that internal combustion engines will still be powering 80% of the market in 2030. While hybrid and all-electric vehicles provide a promising longer-term solution in developed economies, the cost of wide-scale deployment in emerging economies is prohibitive and can even be counter-productive. In fact, many are forecasting that the internal combustion engine will power more than half of the global vehicle fleet as far out as 2050. Pinnacle’s engine technology is ready right now to provide essential reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum usage for these vehicles.

Simulated average gas mileage during the WMDC cycle shows a 26.2% improvement

What About Pinnacle Technology for Electric Vehicles?

Electric vehicles and hybrids will play an important role in future transportation, but have issues from limited range to smooth start/stop operation. Pinnacle technology addresses many of these concerns by incorporating naturally balanced pistons and dual-crankshaft inertial torque balancing. Our horizontal layout fits into small packages with low heat loss and reduced coolant demands, making Pinnacle an excellent fit for range extending EV’s and HEV’s.

Pinnacle is currently targeting the following markets for adoption

map showing Pinnacle headquarters in Silicon Valley, and partners in Asia

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