A Fresh Approach to the Internal Combustion Engine

At Pinnacle Engines, we have utilized breakthrough engineering to create an entirely new ultra-efficient engine technology based on a four-stroke, spark-ignited, opposed-piston, sleeve-valve architecture.

We have patented, designed, built, tested and installed engines into commercial vehicles, then put them through rugged on-road acceleration tests, chassis dynamometer tests, durability tests, anechoic chamber noise tests, ARAI certified rolling road fuel economy tests and bag emissions tests.

Our engine performance has been demonstrated in vehicles being readied for production. We are delivering outstanding results… in vehicles, on the road, right now.

The Pinnacle Difference

  • Efficiency Gain

    Our four-stroke, sleeve valve, opposed-piston engine architecture features low heat loss and low surface-area-to-volume in the combustion chamber, which means less energy loss, contributing to greater fuel efficiency. The Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) allows for reduced pumping work (PMEP) from de-throttling (increased air flow), reducing heat loss and knock resistance.

  • Reduced Emissions

    Pinnacle's single-cylinder engines attain fuel economy improvements that greatly reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, it can run at extremely dilute conditions, which allows for very low NOx emissions. In India, this allows scooters and motorcycles to meet 2025 emission mandates now, with their existing low cost emissions control equipment.

  • Comparable Cost

    Our engine technology uses standard materials and manufacturing processes to deliver the fuel efficiency of a hybrid at the lower cost of a traditional gasoline engine. Additionally, our engine technology demonstrates significant efficiency gains across gasoline, CNG, LPG and alcohol fuels.

  • Proven Architecture

    Our technology is verified and validated by internationally recognized drive and vehicle technology testing provider, FEV, as well as our commercialization partners. We have accumulated thousands of hours of testing, including successful 300 hour and 400 hour endurance tests which showed stable performance, no degradation of power over the duration and no abnormal component wear.

Take a Deeper Dive into our Engine Technology

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Our Engines and Controllers

100-125cc Single-Cylinder Engine

This engine design began in 2011 in conjunction with an Asian OEM partner for a scooter application. It is the simplest, entry-level deployment of Pinnacle architecture. Design includes an advanced ignition controller, an electronic fuel injection system and a two-way catalytic converter.

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This engine design began in 2011 in conjunction with an Asian OEM partner, demonstrating more than 30% improvement in fuel consumption and a dramatic improvement in emissions at a comparable cost to the best-in-class conventional engine it will replace.

Lean Burn Control Systems

Pinnacle's unique operating characteristics improve engine performance through the incorporation of a knock sensor and advanced algorithms for precise and efficient lean burn. Pinnacle maximizes software in order to minimize hardware, making our controls lower cost.

Multi-Cylinder Automotive Engines with VCR

Utilizing our patented, low cost variable compression ratio system, this engine is suited for both automotive and industrial applications and capable of incorporating VCR, VVT, EGR systems under multi-fuel operation. The first engine in this series is currently in development with a major auto OEM.

Portable Gensets: 2-5kW

Pinnacle is currently in development on a family of high-efficiency portable gen sets in the 2-5kW range. India will be the first market for this product.

Scooters, Vehicles and Industrial Use

Applications for Our Engines